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Finding The Secret To Success While Working With ACS On A Short Sale


Hello everyone Kelly Cook here with the KC Real Estate Team, your premiere short sale team in the :k1:, thank you for checking out my blog today. My team and I are dedicated to helping :k1: homeowners avoid foreclosure and I use my blog to provide valuable information on that exact topic. If you are behind on your mortgage, or already considering a short sale, please take a minute to browse my website or contact me directly to discuss your options.

For my blog topic today I wanted to discuss working with ASC on a short sale file and some of my recent experiences. ASC is a mortgage servicer that is a division of Wells Fargo and I have extensive experience working with their team. Unfortunately it can be pretty hard to find contact information for ASC online and their website is actually listed under a different name. Aside from that I love working with ASC because they have worked hard to make the short sale process fairly easy. ASC uses a secured e-mail system that makes it easy to get in touch with the representative in charge on your file. Thankfully I have made some great contacts within the ASC short sale department who I can always turn to if one of your files is having trouble getting approved. Our team has closed over ninety eight percent of the :k1: short sales we have taken on with ASC and are very proud of that number.

So if you have questions on ASC please take a minute to visit my website or contact me directly for even more specific information. On my website you will find a great new product called the Short Or Stay Calculator that will give you a big picture idea of when your home will become an asset again. Thank you for your time today and I hope to hear from you soon at the KC Real Estate Team.