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Doing A Short Sale With Bay View Servicing May Take Some Time But We’ll Get It Done For You

Hello everyone, Kelly Cook here with the Cook & Associates Real Estate Advisors, your real estate and short sale specialist in :k1:. You can find us online at www.KellyCookHomes.com. We specialize in helping homeowners throughout the entire :k1: find alternatives to foreclosure through the means of a short sale.

Today we’re going to talk about Bay View Loan Servicing. They are slow, there’s no way around it. The good thing is that we do have one good contact with them that we can get ahold of if things are taking longer than normal. We’ve had some short sales with Bay View that have been faster and only taken two to three months, but this isn’t the norm. Bay View is a loan servicing company, they are not a bank. Bay View has a nice website that talks about how good their servicing is and how they can help the homeowner out; this is the case with them, they’re just incredibly slow. The good news for you the homeowner is, unless you absolutely have to be out of your home, that it’s okay. We handle everything for you at the Cook & Associates Real Estate Advisors on your short sale. All you have to do is provide us with the documentation that’s needed to assemble the short sale package. Essentially, the short sale is free to you because the lender pays us our realtor fees and commissions.

A short sale is a very good option if you’re underwater, need to move or are behind on your mortgage. We have an office in Phoenix, AZ as well as in Columbus, OH. You can also email us or check out www.MyHomeValueCalculator.com. We’ll send you an instant email on what your home’s current property value is as well as if a short sale is right for you.