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Kelly Cook Homes Doesn’t Do Just Short Sales; We Can Help You With Your Probate Situation As Well

Hello everyone, this is Kelly Cook with the Kelly Cook Real Estate Group, your short sale and real estate specialist in :k1:. You can find us online at www.KellyCookHomes.com. We’re part of the Real Broker Real Estate Network, the second largest real estate broker in the entire country. We specialize in helping :k1: homeowners avoid foreclosure through the means of a short sale. We also provide other help and services, such as probate, which is what we’re going to discuss today.

Probate is one of those topics that most people don’t get around to discussing primarily because it has to do with death and people tend to avoid it. Probate is a very important process because when you pass away, your estate will go through probate whether it’s through the courts or through your will. Basically, it’s a set of rules to follow when someone passes away to ensure that their estate is transferred to the appropriate parties. With that being said, most people have real estate as part of their estate. At Kelly Cook Homes, we are certified probate real estate brokers with the county and would love to help you out if you have a situation where probate is necessary. When the estate judge and the courts go through everything and assign someone to sell off real estate assets, they do pick a licensed real estate agent that has been approved by the county. We are that real estate group that has done probate before and would love to help anyone that is in need of help with their probate situation.

If you have any questions on probate, short sales, or any other real estate related matter, please do not hesitate to give us a call directly at 480.442.9868, email us at info@kellycookhomes.com or visit our website at www.KellyCookHomes.com. Also, if you’d like to know your property’s current value, you can visit www.MyHomeValueCalculator.com and you’ll instantly receive an email outlining the value of your property. If you happen to be underwater on your home, this free report can also help you determine if a short sale is the best decision for your financial situation.

Why Would Someone Prefer to Live in a Master Planned Community?

Hey guys, Kelly Cook here with the Kelly Cook Real Estate Group, your :k1: short sale specialists. You can find us online at www.AZKCRealEstateGroup.com. We specialize in helping valley homeowners across the entire :k1: area find alternatives to foreclosure through the means of a short sale. Today we would like to discuss the master planned community called McDowell Mountain Ranch and most importantly the top five reasons why someone would want to live in McDowell Mountain Ranch. Before we do that, let’s talk a little about the community. McDowell Mountain Ranch is located in the McDowell Mountains in Northeast Scottsdale and it has approximately 3,500 homes in the subdivision. It is built by a couple of different builders and has just about every amenity one could ask for in a great healthy lifestyle in the desert.

So let’s get to that top five list. Number one is golf. There is an extremely nice course and we think you would enjoy playing there any day of the week. Number two is the aquatic fitness center. It’s an outdoor center that rivals some of the best luxury hotels you can find out there with a lazy river, kids pool, fitness center, etc… Number three is the community centers and pools. There are a couple different community centers that have basketball courts, indoor catering, outdoor swimming pools and spas. Number four are the schools and libraries. There is an elementary and middle school located right in McDowell Mountain Ranch. Last but not least is the hiking and biking. There are a ton of hike and bike trails throughout the community.

Again, I’m Kelly Cook your :k1: short sale specialist and I’m here to answer any questions you may have about the McDowell Mountain Ranch community. We’d love to speak with you about the area whether you are selling, buying or investing or even renting. We’d love to help you out and you can reach us at 480-442-9868, or you can email us at info@kellycookhomes.com. You can go to our website as well as I mentioned earlier or go to our home value calculator if you want to know what your home is worth at www.MyHomeValueCalculator.com. Thanks and we hope you have a great day.

Is it More Difficult to Complete a Short Sale with Desert Schools Credit Union?

Hello guys, this is Kelly Cook with the Kelly Cook Real Estate Group, your :k1: short sale specialists. We can be found online at www.azkcrealestategroup.com. We specialize in helping Valley homeowners across the entire greater Phoenix, Arizona area find alternatives to foreclosure through the means of a short sale.

The topic we would specifically like to discuss today are Desert Schools Credit Union short sales. Desert Schools Credit Union is a large credit union here in the Valley in the Phoenix, Arizona area. The biggest thing we find with them are a lot of homeowners and people out there think that because they are a credit union, that they are going to be so much more difficult to deal with in a short sale. They also think they are never going to give them what they want or approve their short sale or give them full debt relief and they will probably pursue them for everything they possibly can in the future. Well, I’m here to tell you that is actually not true at all.

We have been very successful with Desert Schools getting full debt relief and full protection for our clients. Through the process of working with integrity and a lot of files and short sales through Desert Schools, we have several contacts with them that we utilize and know how they work. If we ever get stuck or need something on a file, we call them and specifically ask them for help. Just because they are a credit union does not mean that you have less of a chance to get your short sale approved or to get full debt relief and protection for you as well. That’s our number one priority is to protect you in a short sale and of course get it closed successfully.

Again, I’m Kelly Cook with the Kelly Cook Real Estate Group, your :k1: short sale specialists and we’re here to help. So please contact us today on our website or you can email us at info@kellycookhomes.com or give us a call at 480-227-2028 and let’s get your Desert Schools short sale complete. Thanks for your time, and have a great day.

Various Reasons For Doing A Short Sale

Hello, Kelly Cook here with the Kelly Cook Real Estate Group, your :k1: short sale specialist. We can be found online at azkcrealestategroup.com. If you are struggling to pay your mortgage or are underwater on your home, I encourage you to contact us for ways to improve your financial situation.

Today we are addressing the various reasons for doing a short sale. I have a lot of people that are worried that their bank won’t agree with their hardship or that they aren’t struggling enough for the bank to consider a short sale. First and foremost, let me tell you that the bank comes out with a list of qualified hardships, which if you have one of these, you automatically qualify for a short sale no matter what. Some of these include but aren’t limited to: divorce, curtailment of income, loss of job, job relocation, sickness or death in the family.

If you contact us for a free consultation, we can go into this list with you in further detail. If you do not have one of these qualified hardships, we can still get your short sale done. We get short sales completed all the time where the homeowners don’t really have a legitimate hardship. We definitely encourage you to contact us if you are on the fence and wondering if the bank will approve your short sale because you’re not struggling enough.

Please don’t hesitate, either call us or contact us online and let us know your situation. We can set you up with a free consultation to further discuss your specific situation and get an idea of whether or not the bank will approve your short sale. Again, you can find us online at azkcrealestategroup.com. We can provide you with the resources and information you need to alleviate some of your financial hardship and get you started on the path to successfully short selling your home.

Important Information About the Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act and its Expiration Date

Hey guys, I’m Kelly Cook here with Kelly Cook Real Estate Group, :k1:’s number one short sale specialists. We can be found online at www.azcaseyrealestategroup.com. We service and help homeowners all across the entire greater Phoenix, Arizona area and try to find alternatives to foreclosure if they are underwater and need to sell.

Today’s question that we’re addressing is will the mortgage forgiveness debt relief act expire any time soon, does it have a date where it will no longer be in effect? The first part of that question is what is the mortgage forgiveness debt relief act? It is a piece of legislature that the Bush administration passed in 2007 that has already been extended once and that’s until December 31, 2012. That will have profound effects on people who are thinking about doing a short sale on their property. Right now it is designed to eliminate the tax liability that could occur in a short sale or foreclosure. It’s meant not to kick people while they are down and actually not put more debt onto their load when they are trying to get out from under their debt.

So it’s a very good piece of legislature that will certainly help a lot of people and has helped thousands of people across the country already. So please don’t delay. If you’re thinking about a short sale, then you definitely want to have your short sale close by December 31, 2012. Since a short sale can take as long as 12 months or longer, it would be very wise to start right not to give yourself as much time as possible to get that short sale closed and completed by December 31, 2012. Again guys this is Kelly Cook with the Kelly Cook Real Estate Group, one of :k1:’s number one short sale specialists. Please feel free to contact us here on the website or email us. You can also give us a call because we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your convenience. I look forward to hearing from you guys and we’ll see you on the next video. Goodbye.

How Long Does The Arizona Short Sale Process Take?

Hello everyone, Kelly Cook here with the Kelly Cook Real Estate Group, your :k1: short sale specialist. We can be found online at www.azkcrealestategroup.com; we service and help homeowners across the entire :k1: area short sell their properties and find alternatives to foreclosure if they are underwater.

Today we are addressing one of our frequently asked questions, “How long does the short sale process take?” The simple answer to that is approximately ninety days. You also have the time in front of that, which is the marketing period where you have to find a buyer and obtain an offer on the property. Then there’s the negotiation period where we submit everything to your lender up until the point where we negotiate the lender’s approval. This usually lasts about ninety days. The last stage is the escrow period; this is the time it takes the buyer to close on the loan, which usually takes about thirty days. It could easily be up to 180 days to complete the short sale process, but on average it usually takes about 90 days.

There are also other factors that could impact the length of your short sale transaction, such as who your bank is or who your investor is. It’s always good to have a qualified and experienced short sale agent like the Kelly Cook Real Estate Group help you out. If your short sale process gets stuck and is slow moving, we can call upon one of our contacts that we’ve established a relationship with over the years.

If you are stuck in negotiations that have gone nowhere, it’s always good to be able to contact someone on the inside of the company to help you out and find a solution. Again, you can only get these things by hiring an experienced agent that is well-practiced in short sales. Please contact us on our website, via the live chat, email us or give us a call at our office. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you with your short sale.