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Advice to Help Complete a Successful Short Sale

Hey guys, Kelly Cook here with the Cook & Associates Real Estate Advisors, your :k1: short sale specialists. You can find us online at www.KellyCookHomes.com. Now we specialize in helping homeowners across the entire :k1: area find alternatives to foreclosure through the means of a short sale.

The topic we are addressing today which is a good one is simple advice for executing a short sale properly. The number one thing you want to do is have a real estate agent in your corner who knows short sales and can help you get this short sale successfully completed. It’s good to have an advocate or someone on your side, negotiating on behalf of yourself with the bank. The banks are trying to mitigate their losses, they don’t want to negotiate directly with you nor do you want to negotiate directly with them. That will butt too many heads and there is not a facilitator in between trying to get an amicable solution to both sides. Also, the bank wants to see a listing agreement with a licensed agent or broker because then they know you are serious about marketing your house for a buyer. They want to know you are serious before they take all the time to do your short sale and review your documents.

Once you have that taken care of, there are other steps along the way that are little things that can make a huge difference. For example with your money, if you have any and how you articulate your hardship letter and things of that nature and many more that we would love to go into detail with you. You can email us at info@cookandassociatesaz.com or you can give us a call at 480-442- 9868. That’s our Phoenix, Arizona office, or in Columbus, Ohio at 614-600-2028.

If you want to know the value of your house as well, go to our short sale calculator page at www.MyHomeValueCalculator.com. You will have the results emailed to you instantaneously along with a complete breakdown, if you are upside down, of when your break even analysis will occur. It will also show you how much money that will cost you over that period of time. It’s a very powerful tool and it’s free for you to use, so take advantage of that today. Again, I’m Kelly Cook with the Cook & Associates Real Estate Advisors, one of :k1:’s leading short sale teams and we look forward to hearing from you with any questions you may have. Thanks and have a great day.