Moving to Phoenix? Avoid These 4 Dangerous Neighborhoods in Phoenix for Your Safety


Phoenix is an amazing place to live, but like any city, there are safer areas and neighborhoods with higher crime rates. If you’re moving to Greater Phoenix, Scottsdale, or nearby areas, I want you to be well-informed about where you choose to live. This article breaks down the top 4 most dangerous neighborhoods in Phoenix based on reliable crime statistics. You’ll find actionable safety tips, mistakes to avoid, and insights into why these areas struggle with greater safety risks.


South Mountain: A neighborhood with beautiful views but also elevated crime rates

This South Phoenix neighborhood offers beautiful views of its namesake mountain and has some nice pockets of newer, safe communities, especially south of Baseline Road. However, the crime rate in South Mountain is 81% higher than the national average, earning it an F rating for safety. You can check tools like or SpotCrime to get a clearer picture of crime trends in this area.

Tip: Stick to the southern portion of South Mountain for the safest parts of the neighborhood.
Mistake to avoid: Don’t assume all of South Mountain is dangerous–do your research on specific streets and developments.


Maryvale: A large neighborhood with varying levels of safety

A very large neighborhood on Phoenix’s west side, Maryvale suffers from high crime rates, particularly property crime. The crime rate in Maryvale is 69% higher than the national average, resulting in an F rating for safety. Rental properties are common in the area, which can sadly increase safety risks.

Tip: The farther north you go in Maryvale, the safer it gets.
Mistake to avoid: Judging Maryvale as a whole; there are safer and more dangerous sections.

Alhambra: Exercise extra caution in this West Phoenix neighborhood, especially at night

Crime rates in this West Phoenix neighborhood are shockingly high. Residents have an elevated risk of both property and violent crimes. Alhambra has a staggering 167% higher chance of crime than the national average, with an even higher rate for violent crime, giving it a very low safety rating.

Tip: Be particularly cautious in Alhambra after dark.
Mistake to avoid: Assuming that any busy place is safe. Even well-lit, populated areas struggle with crime here.

Central City: Sadly, the most dangerous neighborhood in the Greater Phoenix area

This area in South Phoenix, including areas close to downtown and the airport, has the unfortunate title of being the most dangerous neighborhood in Phoenix. With a crime rate 296% higher than the national average, and a violent crime rate an alarming 631% higher, Central City is statistically one of the most dangerous areas in the country. High vacancy rates, low levels of education, and income inequality all contribute to significant safety concerns in Central City.

Tip: Avoid this area if possible, especially as a new resident.
Mistake to avoid: Thinking you’ll be okay in Central City if you stay alert. No matter your precautions, this area presents heightened risks.


Feeling safe and secure in your home is non-negotiable. As a real estate agent, I can’t ethically steer anyone away from certain areas, but I can share data that informs your choices. When deciding where to live in the Greater Phoenix area, I urge you to prioritize safety. While every neighborhood has some crime, being armed with knowledge means making the best choices for you and your loved ones.

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