Discover the Top Places to Live in Arizona: A Real Estate Expert’s Guide

If you’ve ever considered moving to the vibrant state of Arizona, you’re in for a treat. In this article, I, Kelly Cook, a seasoned realtor with 16 years of experience in the Greater Phoenix and Scottsdale areas, will be your guide. Today, we’re delving into the top places to live in Arizona, using my unique Kelly Rating Index (KRI). Buckle up; it’s going to be an insightful journey.

Peoria – Lakeside Living

Peoria, located in the northwest corner of the Valley of the Sun, is our starting point. This newer suburb boasts stunning Lake Pleasant, offering residents an idyllic lakeside experience. Here’s a glimpse of Peoria’s KRI score:

  • Housing Affordability: 4/5 – Still affordable but prices are on the rise.
  • Entertainment: 3/5 – Lacks a central entertainment hub.
  • Employment: 3/5 – Job opportunities are decent.
  • Commute: 4/5 – Smooth traffic flow.
  • Schools: 4/5 – Good education options.


Mesa – Urban Vibes and Outdoor Bliss

Mesa, a sprawling suburb of 478,000 people, caters to urban dwellers and nature enthusiasts alike. It’s a city of contrasts. Here’s a snapshot of Mesa’s KRI:

  • Housing Affordability: 4/5 – Affordable with variations.
  • Entertainment: 3/5 – Artsy but not an entertainment epicenter.
  • Employment: 4/5 – A substantial job market.
  • Commute: 4/5 – Convenient roadways.
  • Schools: 3/5 – Education options vary.


Prescott – The All-American Gem

Prescott, located a scenic drive away from Phoenix, is an all-American town with changing seasons. It’s a second-home haven. Here’s Prescott’s KRI breakdown:

  • Housing Affordability: 5/5 – Initially affordable, but prices have surged.
  • Entertainment: 5/5 – Abundant outdoor activities.
  • Employment: 2/5 – Limited job market.
  • Commute: 3/5 – Fair traffic conditions.
  • Schools: 2/5 – Average school options.


Glendale – Affordable and Fun

Glendale offers affordability and a vibrant entertainment scene. It’s a great place to call home. Check out Glendale’s KRI:

  • Housing Affordability: 4/5 – Mostly affordable.
  • Entertainment: 5/5 – The Westgate area is a hub of activities.
  • Employment: 4/5 – Opportunities are plenty.
  • Commute: 4/5 – Convenient traffic flow.
  • Schools: 3/5 – Decent education options.


Scottsdale – Luxury and Prosperity

Scottsdale, a hub of luxury and job opportunities, is a top pick for many. It’s a city of diversity. Explore Scottsdale’s KRI:

  • Housing Affordability: 3/5 – Diverse property options.
  • Entertainment: 5/5 – A plethora of cultural and recreational activities.
  • Employment: 5/5 – A major job market.
  • Commute: 5/5 – Excellent road network.
  • Schools: 4/5 – Above-average educational institutions.



Arizona is a land of diverse opportunities, and the Greater Phoenix and Scottsdale areas have something for everyone. Whether you prefer lakeside living, urban exploration, or the charms of a small town, there’s a place for you here. Your home in Arizona awaits – make your move!

In summary, this blog post follows the guidelines for creating a compelling and informative article about the best places to live in Arizona, as seen from a real estate agent’s perspective. It aims to engage prospective homebuyers and sellers in Greater Phoenix and Scottsdale, offering valuable insights into each area’s housing, entertainment, job market, commute, and education options.

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