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Cochise Elementary School

Why We Support Cochise Elementary School?

When my wife Kristen and I first toured Cochise looking for the best option for an elementary school, we could tell right away that based off the other schools we toured, Cochise was different. This was further solidified by the fact that several days later, we received a handwritten note in the mail from the front office thanking us for touring their school. I mean, who does that? We knew we would be spending the next 8 years of our lives amongst all three of our children at the next school we chose, so needless to say this was an important decision. Fast forward three years later, and we couldn’t be more happier with our decision.

The teachers are nothing short of phenomenal. The staff is caring and kind. The campus and physical space is open and designed perfectly for fostering learning. The student to teacher ratio is low. The school events are well planned. Parents and families are involved. The overall culture of the school is amazing which is a direct reflection of the leadership. The Cook family couldn’t be more pleased with our decision to choose Cochise Elementary in Scottsdale, AZ which is why the Cook & Associates Real Estate Advisors choose to sponsor and support the school financially.

How You Can Help?

Do you need to buy or sell your home? Is someone you know looking to buy, sell, or invest? Well if you use our real estate team to buy or sell your home OR refer us to help someone you know, we will give 6% back to the Cochise APT! You will have one of the top real estate teams in the state helping you with your real estate needs, AND you will be helping to support the Cochise cause!

Go Bobcats!

Kelly Cook

The 100 Club of Arizona

The Cook & Associates Real Estate Advisors have formulated a strategic alliance with the Arizona charity, the 100 Club.

We firmly believe that we “get by giving” so we operate under that theory in everything we do.  Therefore, we donate $100 for the 100 Club for every transaction that we close.  These funds go to directly help Arizona’s first responders and their families in several different categories such as:

  • Financial Assistance when serious injury, death and life-altering situations occur
  • Emotional Support with peer support training
  • Safety enhancement stipends to purchase agency equipment and enhance the welfare of those behind the badge
  • Scholarships for immediate family members of public safety

Our first responders here in Arizona deserve the support of the community they protect and serve as it is many times a thankless job.   We are proud supporters of the mission of the 100 Club and will continue to stand behind this organization for the fine work they do in support of all Arizona first responders and their families.

Please visit the 100 Club’s website for more information about their organization at www.100club.org.

To specifically hear about the mission of the 100 Club, visit: 

 How you can help?

 Please refer us to anyone you know of looking to BUY, SELL, or INVEST in real estate that we help and for every person we help that we close a transaction with, we will donate $100 to the 100 Club of Arizona which will help us reach our yearly goal of a minimum donation of $5,000 to the 100 Club.  We look forward and appreciate your support in helping us achieve our goal.

Who do you know of that could use of our real estate services today?  You can reach us at:

480-442-9868  *  info@cookandassociatesaz.com

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