Living in Gainey Ranch

Today we’ll be reviewing one of the most coveted communities in the heart of Scottsdale, AZ!  Whether it’s a second home, an investment property, or your primary home, follow along with us as we take a look inside the guard gated community of Gainey Ranch!  Here’s what it’s like to Live in Gainey Ranch!  LET’S GO!!

Gainey Ranch is a Golf and Lifestyle Community within guard gates in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Gainey Ranch has 13 single family home communities inside the subdivision and 7 different condo communities.  Sunset Cove is located in the Northeast section of the Gainey Ranch gated community and is one of the seven condo communities.  Each condo community has a different feel and design, but we’re going to take you INSIDE one of the condos within Sunset Cove.

How about a game of guess the price?! This listing was located in Sunset Cove of Gainey Ranch.  The specs of the home are: 1,104 sq. ft. with 2 beds, 2 baths and built in 1987.  As a bonus, you’re also given a one car garage which is hard to find in a condo community in Scottsdale/Phoenix, Arizona.  Most condo communities here in The Valley only feature a reserved covered carport spot.  How much do you think this house runs?  Take a guess and let us know through email or in a comment on our YouTube!

  • $704,000
  • $555,000
  • $639,000

Time’s up…. Check for the answer BELOW:



If you guessed C.) 639,000, DING, DING, DING, WE HAVE A WINNER!!!!

Gainey Ranch is all about the active, adult lifestyle.  What more could you ask for in one of the most outdoor active suburbs in the country?!  Next up, we visit the Estate Club, which is the Tennis, Pickleball, Yoga, Pilates, a fitness center and more!  Despite Gainey Ranch being primarily known as a Golf Course community, the Pickleball and Tennis area at the Estate Club is a hotspot within the community.  It’s a great way to stay active, meet new people, and join new clubs!  The best part?  You can drive your golf cart through the community to the Estate Club!

As stated before, Gainey Ranch is located in the heart of Scottsdale.  It’s 10-minutes from Old Town, 5-minutes from Sky Harbor, and about 20-minutes to Downtown Phoenix.  However, being within the Guard Gated Community you don’t feel like you’re in the middle of the hustle and bustle that is Scottsdale, Arizona.  While in the gates of Gainey Ranch, you’ll enjoy Golf Course views, beautiful communities, phenomenal landscaping, and it’s all enclosed!  There’s an exterior road that gets you around the entire community, but still within the gates of Gainey Ranch.

Real Estate prices within the gates of Gainey Ranch vary widely.  This is due to some home lots enjoying the premier golf course views while other homes enjoy beautiful courtyard, greenbelt, and community views.  It’s also dependent upon the size of the home.  You can buy a condo within Gainey Ranch for approximately $500,000 for about 785 sq. ft.  If you want more space, you can expect to pay more as some condos with 2,300-2,400 sq. ft. run at $1,700,000.  There are also HOA dues based on the size of your unit and the community that you live within.  Single Family Homes start at about $875,000 for 2 beds, 2 bath for about 2,200 sq. ft.  That’ll climb to $3,000,000 for about 3,800 sq. ft and you’ll have Golf Course views!

Okay, okay okay, we’ve mentioned guard gates and golf course views enough, let’s actually talk about the Golf Course!  If you watch the YouTube video, you’ll notice the Golf Course isn’t a stunning green color that we’re used to, so here’s a little agronomy lesson for you.  In Arizona, we have Winter Grass (Rye) and Summer Grass (Bermuda), so each year in mid-late September through the beginning-mid October anybody who has grass will go out and scalp the grass (cut it extremely low), cut the water, let the grass completely die before planting the new Rye Grass seeds.  Several weeks later, they’ll water the seeds more than you can imagine revealing the beautiful green grass for the Winter Season ahead!

Next up, we’ll visit the Shoppes at Gainey Ranch.  Located directly across the street from the Gainey Ranch community and anchored by Sprouts, the Shoppes also feature: Oliver Smith Jewelers, Coffee Bean/Tea Leaf, Village Tavern and more!  P.S. Kelly says the dry-ribs at the Village Tavern in Gainey Ranch, so check it out!

Finally, we are at everybody’s favorite part of the YouTube video and blog…. The KCI!  For those of you who are new here, we LOVE shopping local and what better way to show you where you could live than by reviewing YOUR local coffee shop, so we provide you with the KCI (Kelly Coffee Index)!  Today we’ll stop by Street Brew Coffee, located, just around the corner from Gainey Ranch.  This expert rating will help YOU decide if you want to spend your time and MONEY at this local coffee shop…. LET’S GO!!  Kelly is a sucker for seasonal drinks (specifically pumpkin) with oat milk, whereas Abby sticks with the classic Vanilla Latte and whole milk.  Kelly’s rating on the Hot, Pumpkin Pie, Cinnamon, White Chocolate Latte comes in at *drumroll please* a strong 8!  Tad bit sweet for his liking, but overall a good tasting latte that you should add to your next coffee order at Street Brew Coffee!

So what’d you think?  Are you planning to live in Gainey Ranch?  Thank you for reading about our adventure around Gainey Ranch! I know people have various opinions about living in a guard gated community, but this community could be the next place you call home! If you all are looking to move here or even buy a second home, please reach out to us at for more information!