Moving from California to Phoenix: Everything You Need to Know and Why You Should Do It

California undoubtedly holds a special place in the hearts of many. But its astronomical cost of living, soul-crushing traffic, and ever-increasing tax burden can leave residents feeling drained. If you identify with these struggles, you’re not alone. Thousands of Californians are seeking refuge in Arizona, and for good reason. If you’re one of the many considering moving from California to Phoenix, this blog post is your comprehensive guide.  Let’s dive into the compelling reasons why this move could be the smartest decision you’ll ever make.


Save Time and Money by Moving from California to Phoenix

The overall cost of living in Phoenix is a major draw for Californians seeking financial relief.  Everything from housing to groceries and gas is significantly cheaper in Phoenix, meaning your paycheck can stretch much further. And the lower cost of living could grant you something incredibly valuable: more time. You might finally be able to ditch that second job and enjoy life’s simple pleasures.

While Phoenix’s utility costs slightly outpace  California’s, those savings get  eclipsed in other areas. Sites like Zillow show that the median home value in Phoenix is  $496,404 compared to  $926,520 in Los Angeles.  Imagine the financial possibilities with $400,000+ in additional savings when moving from California to Phoenix! 


Property Taxes (and Income Taxes) Are Lower in Arizona

Homeowners rejoice!  Arizona offers one of the lowest property tax rates in the nation, meaning you’ll save a hefty sum each year.  And if you’re an income earner, you could potentially save thousands of dollars annually on state income taxes by moving from California to Phoenix.

Let’s look at some hard numbers. If you own a $500,000 home, property taxes in Phoenix might cost  $3,400 per year. In California, you could pay double, triple, or even more than that, depending on your location and specific tax laws. Add in the savings from Arizona’s lower income tax brackets, and  you could have tens of thousands of dollars more in your bank account by moving from California to Phoenix.


Beat the Traffic in Phoenix

Imagine spending less time in bumper-to-bumper traffic and more time with loved ones. Phoenix’s traffic congestion often pales in comparison to major California cities. Arizona’s major freeways feature HOV lanes, and the state is constantly expanding interstates to accommodate growth.

While Phoenix does see occasional traffic flare-ups, especially during rush hour, those moments are significantly less frustrating than what you’d experience in Los Angeles or the Bay Area. Moving from California to Phoenix could translate to precious hours saved per week, time you could spend pursuing your passions or creating memories with your family.


Explore Everything Arizona Has to Offer – Without the Coast

Arizona may not claim those iconic California beaches, but  it’s just a short drive away when you need a coastal escape. Plus, within Arizona  you’ll find a diverse range of recreational areas. Take a drive north for a cool down in the pine forests or south to immerse yourself in the beauty of the Sonoran desert. 

Phoenix’s central location makes it an excellent launchpad for weekend adventures. Destinations like San Diego, Las Vegas, Rocky Point (Mexico), and many more are easily accessible for a quick getaway. 


The Phoenix Job Market is Booming

Phoenix has shed its reputation as a service-based economy with hospitality and small businesses.  Tech giants like Intel, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Google, and Uber have made significant investments in the Greater Phoenix area to establish large-scale facilities and corporate headquarters. This boom in tech jobs and corporate relocations means increased and diversified employment options. 

If you’re looking for employment options in Phoenix, this growth is great news. Whether you’re an ambitious entrepreneur or dream of landing a job with a major tech company, moving from California to Phoenix could significantly expand your career opportunities. 


Fed up with California’s unrelenting cost of living, crushing traffic, and ever-increasing taxes?  Moving from California to Phoenix could be your ticket to financial freedom, a less stressful commute, a diverse job market, and unique recreational activities.

We have so many people contacting us who are moving to the Scottsdale/Phoenix area, and we are so happy to make the transition easier for them. If you have any additional questions about all the things that come with living in Phoenix, Arizona, reach out to us at or by phone at (480)660-5974!