New Developments in Scottsdale AZ

Did you know that Scottsdale/Phoenix is one of the most outdoor active suburbs in all of the United States? Did you know that Scottsdale still has room for growth? Well, I bet you did know that Scottsdale is a high-end, luxurious town. Whether you are looking to move from one side of the Valley to the other, relocating from out of state, or even looking for investment opportunities you can find it all in Scottsdale, plus more! We are going to discuss the 5 MAJOR developments taking place in Scottsdale today!

To start us off, The Scottsdale area is now home to Cavasson! Cavasson is located just north of Loop 101, in the heart of North Scottsdale. Cavasson is a commercial development that will sprawl across 134 ACRES. This beautiful development will feature Commercial opportunities, Hotels, Retail, Restaurants, and more! Recently Cavasson became the home of the Regional Headquarters for Nationwide insurance and the International Headquarters for Choice Hotels. Close proximity to the Scottsdale Airport makes Cavasson a highly desirable location for business professionals who may need to fly in for a day or even the week. Slated to open in October 2022, the beautiful Hilton North Scottsdale hotel will be an anchor in development for Cavasson.

Number two on our list of major developments going on in Scottsdale – Axon Enterprises. Located just South of Loop 101, Axon Enterprises is planning to consolidate FIVE of its locations into one massive National Headquarters. Spending $50,000,000 (yes MILLION) and acquiring 73 acres, Axon Enterprises plans to call Scottsdale home. For those that don’t know what Axon Enterprises specializes in – have you ever heard of tasers or body cams? Axon Enterprises develops these items and more for the military, law enforcement, and civilians. Their business is BOOMING and will be for years to come.

Despite Cavasson and Axon Enterprises taking up 207 acres along Loop 101, there are still 700 ACRES of land held in the Scottsdale Land Trust that has yet to be bought and developed! Hugging both sides of Loop 101, this land won’t last long as 250+ companies are trying to find land to call The Valley “home” for their headquarters. Okay, enough about the available land, let’s get back to the last three MAJOR developments happening in Scottsdale RIGHT NOW!

Major development three will take us further south towards the heart of Scottsdale, however, this development might make us feel more like we’re in VEGAS! Caesar’s Palace is building its first-ever non-gaming, boutique hotel in the heart of Old Town Scottsdale – Caesar’s Republic. Soaring 11 stories into the sky, this boutique hotel will feature 265 rooms and three restaurants, but not just any restaurants. Caesars Republic Scottsdale will feature not one, but TWO Giada De Laurentiis restaurants. Luna by Giada will offer a Romanian, Italian, and Californian-infused menu while offering a high-end experience, whereas, Pronto by Giada will feature Italian-style food and coffee in a casual café atmosphere! The third restaurant is unique on its own – located on the seventh floor – this pool and lounge will be named…any guesses…? SEVEN. With unobstructed views of the beautiful Camelback Mountain, SEVEN is sure to be a hot spot!


Enough with the party scene… major development number four on our list brings us to another Old Town property. The Senna House Scottsdale is part of the Curio Collection by Hilton and will feature a boutique-style hotel with 169 rooms and a 10,000 sq. ft pool deck. The Senna House will be your sweet escape from the hustle and bustle of Old Town Scottsdale. Whether it’s lounging at the Sonora Swim Club, venturing over to the shopping district, or grabbing a bite to eat at CALA, a modern Mediterranean restaurant, The Senna House will offer you a beautiful oasis in the middle of the desert. For those of you who know Scottsdale and Old Town history, this hotel will be on the site of the old Don and Charlies restaurant which was filled wall to wall with sports memorabilia! The Senna House is sure to be a big hit in the Old Town area!


Last, but certainly not least on our list of Scottsdale developments – The Palmeriae will feature a $2,000,000,000 (yes, BILLION) mega-development! The Palmeriae development, a 122-acre community will be the swankiest, most upscale, luxurious area in all of Scottsdale. Bordering one of the most highly sought-after zip codes in all of The Valley, the Palmeriae will sit in-between Paradise Valley and Scottsdale. Adjacent to the Ritz-Carlton residences and resort, the Palmeraie will feature shops such as Hermes, Chanel, and the first-ever North American Fendi Private Residential enclave. Inside the Fendi building, you will find super exclusive restaurants – how exclusive you may ask? Restaurants featured in the Fendi building will be truly one of a kind as you won’t find another location in the state. Not only will you find restaurants, but also high-end, private residences. And don’t bank on being able to find a residence inside the Fendi Building…. Despite this project still being developed, all Villas, Condos, and Single-Family homes in The Palmeriae have sold….


Whether you’re looking to visit or make a permanent move, there is still plenty of Scottsdale that needs to be claimed. In the meantime, we are happy to help answer your questions and make the transition to Scottsdale easier. If you have any questions about what’s going on in Scottsdale or Phoenix, reach out to us at, or call us at 480-660-5974.