Ocwen Mortgage Owners Benefit From Cut And Dry Short Sale Guidelines

Hello everyone Kelly Cook here with the KC Real Estate Group, your :k1: short sale experts, thanks for joining me today. My team of short sale experts are working with :k1: distressed property owners every day and want to help you avoid foreclosure through the means of a short sale. Behind on your payments? Seen a drastic decline in the value of your property? Give me a call or visit my website today to learn about all of your options for getting out from under your mortgage debt.

For my blog today I wanted to talk with :k1: homeowners who have their mortgage through Ocwen about the opportunity to complete a short sale. Ocwen can be fairly difficult to work with but our team enjoys working with them because of their straight forward, cut and dry short sale process. One thing for Ocwen homeowners in :k1: to aware of is that you must be at least two months behind on your mortgage payment in order to qualify for a short sale. While I can not advise a homeowner to intentionally miss payments I can tell you that I have helped many underwater homeowners through an Ocwen short sale. As long as there is a valid hardship, whether financial or non-financial, and the mortgage is two months delinquent Ocwen is very likely to approve your short sale. I have been very successful getting Ocwen to waive their deficiency rights in the past and this is a valuable way of protecting the homeowner in the future.

If you are considering an Ocwen short sale please fill out a contact form on my website or call me today to chat with an expert about your options. On my website you can also find our Short Or Stay Calculator that can help you determine if a short sale is right for you. Thank you for your time today and I look forward to helping you soon with your :k1: real estate problems.