Our Short Sale Experience Works Wonders When Working With Seterus

Hello everyone Kelly Cook here with the KC Real Estate Group, your :k1: short sale specialist, thank you for joining me today. Our team of short sale experts are working with :k1: distressed property owners every day to avoid foreclosure through the means of a short sale. If your mortgage is underwater or if simply need to sell your home fast please browse my website or call the office today to learn more about your real estate options.

For my blog today I wanted to talk with :k1: homeowners who have their mortgage through Seterus about the opportunity to complete a short sale. Seterus is a mortgage servicing company that handles many of the loans owned by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. I enjoy working with Seterus and have handled numerous short sale files over the years for clients with a Seterus serviced loan. One of the reasons I like working with Seterus is their online platform and secured e-mail options in order to share all the paperwork needed for a short sale is a fast but secure way. The staff at Seterus has been great to work with and over the years I have been able to build some great relationships with members of their team. If you are considering a short sale or just have questions on your Seterus mortgage please do not hesistate to contact me to discuss your options.

On my website you can fill out a contact form and we will be in touch shortly or give me a call whenever you have a free minute. On my website you can also find our Short Or Stay Calculator that may help you determine if a short sale is right for you. Thank you for your time today and I look forward to helping you in the future with your :k1: real estate needs.