Meet the Team: Bart Rall

Bart Rall


Born the oldest of 4, Bart has natural characteristics of a firstborn: a responsible, confident, and conscientious leader has taken him to some exciting places in life.  Bart graduated from Augsburg College in Minneapolis with a BA in history.  While he hasn’t necessarily pursued work in typical fields one might with a history degree, that love and thirst for knowledge of history and especially people on an individual level has only grown with time.  Bart is an extrovert and thrives working with and around other people.  Bart served 8 years in the military, first as an enlisted soldier, but then also as 2nd Lieutenant in the Military Police Corps.  He is a 2-time cancer survivor and an ordained minister as well.  All these different life experiences blend together to give him pretty unique insights into different areas of life.  Honesty and integrity are key virtues he tries to uphold every day.  Bart has lived in several different places around the country from Iowa and Minnesota to St. Louis and Monterey, CA.  Now calling the city of Phoenix home, he is excited to work with others on all their real estate dreams: buying, selling, and investing.