6 Things You Absolutely Must Know Before Selling Your Arizona Home This Fall in 2023!

Are you thinking about selling your home in Arizona? We are here today to share the top six things you need to know to get your home sold:

  1. Curb Appeal: Elevating your home’s exterior appeal is paramount, as it forms the basis of the initial impression. Whether it’s for potential buyers or online viewers, the curb appeal speaks volumes about your property. The intricate details, from vibrant flower beds to a well-maintained exterior paint, contribute significantly to this appeal, with the investment in fresh paint offering long-term value. Likewise, the seemingly minor touch of changing the front door handle can surprisingly overhaul the entire look of your home, making it a worthwhile upgrade alongside the visual enhancements. Ultimately, enhancing your home’s exterior not only enhances its visual charm but also ensures a rewarding return on investment.
  2. Change the Door Handle: To ensure your home makes an exceptional first impression, consider changing the front door handle – why?! The front door handle serves as the initial point of contact, conveying a positive perception about your home. If it’s rusted or in poor condition, it can trigger negative psychological associations for potential buyers. Avoid this obstacle by ensuring a smooth entry experience that sets the tone for their visit. Another budget-friendly enhancement is updating all hardware throughout the house, adding an extra touch of refinement to complete the inviting atmosphere. This complements the concept of curb appeal, where a fresh coat of paint and an inviting exterior play a crucial role.
  3. Matching Hardware Throughout the House: Whether it’s matte black, antique bronze, brushed nickel, or any other finish, maintaining uniformity in fixtures, including even the door hinges, is highlighted. This attention to detail is particularly crucial for potential buyers who are meticulous, such as engineers, accountants, or attorneys, as they tend to notice inconsistencies. Ensuring hardware consistency can greatly enhance your home’s appeal and value without requiring significant effort or expense. 
  4. Stage Your Home: Staging your home as another effective strategy for maximizing its potential during a sale. The stager collaborates with homeowners, using their existing furniture and accessories, assuming they align with the property’s design. If furniture matches but accessories are lacking, homeowners can follow the stager’s guidance or purchase suggested items for optimal staging. This resource proves invaluable for successful staging, helping homeowners prepare their home for sale.
  5. Eliminate Any Odors: Acknowledging that most homes have some kind of scent, whether positive, negative, or neutral, it’s recommended that you enlist a friend or third party to assess the situation and provide feedback on any odors in your home. If there’s an odor, the remedy can often be as simple as using air fresheners or candles to neutralize it. This step is essential to create a more appealing and neutral environment for potential buyers. 
  6. Price Your Home Appropriately: Whether you choose to start with a higher or lower price, the objective remains to attain the highest possible value. There are two strategies: beginning with a higher price and then adjusting based on market feedback, or commencing with a lower price to attract a higher volume of potential buyers. The market’s efficiency, typically within a 10% margin of error, guides these approaches. Regardless of the chosen strategy, the necessity of heeding the market’s signals and leveraging data-driven insights to optimize your selling process. These six crucial points encapsulate essential considerations for anyone looking to sell their home.

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