What Happens To My Short Sale If My Loan Gets Sold

Hello everyone my name is Kelly Cook with the Cook & Associates Real Estate Advisors, your :k1: short sale specialist, thank you so much for joining me today. My team and I work with The Real Brokerage and I use my blog to provide valuable information to distressed property owners on their options for avoiding foreclosure. If you can no longer afford your mortgage, or if a short sale simply makes business sense, give me a call or browse my website to learn more about your options.

For my blog today I wanted to discuss what happens if your loan has been sold and you need to complete a short sale. This is somewhat of a niche question but believe it or not it does happen to :k1: homeowners quite often. Thankfully it does not change your ability to complete a short sale on your distressed property. It simply requires our team to find the new owner of the mortgage note and find out how their short sale process works. I just had this happen to a homeowner recently and once we found the loan everything went great. If you have already started the short sale process we will need to re-submit your file but that will only take an extra day or two.

If you have any questions on this topic or if it has happened to you, please give me a call to get your file started and approved quickly. If you have a minute fill out our short sale contact form on my website and we will be in touch with you shortly. You can also call our office or e-mail me at anytime to learn more about the short sale process. I want to thank you for your time today and I hope to hear from you soon at the Cook & Associates Real Estate Advisors.