What Has Changed Recently with GMAC Short Sales?

Hey guys, Kelly Cook here with the KC Real Estate Group, your :k1: short sale specialists. You can find us online at www.KellyCookHomes.com. Now we specialize in helping homeowners across the entire :k1: area find alternatives to foreclosure through the means of a short sale. The topic we are specifically addressing today is GMAC short sales. GMAC filed for bankruptcy so they are in the process of transitioning to a new marketing name of Allied Bank. I’m sure many of you have heard of Allied Bank.

GMAC still has a lot of non-performing loans on their books. So they have to do something with those loans obviously for those homeowners who aren’t in default. GMAC still works on an on-line web-based platform, which is more advanced than other banks that still use the fax and things of that nature and documents get lost. So you have to commend GMAC for that because they are a little more technically advanced. This is a good thing for us because we are able to be more organized and keep them more organized when we call in every single week to verify the next step in the short sale process.

Now we have done a lot of short sales with GMAC and developed a lot of contacts and good people that we can call on if we need to. We’ve experienced a lot with GMAC from the early days when they were really bad at short sales to getting better and now with the bankruptcy they just filed and transitioning to Allied Bank. That being said, they still work the short sales the same way and I assume they will keep the procedures the same until they get rid of all the non-performing loans or until they have completed the full transition to Allied Bank.

That being said, we do all the work for you guys, you don’t have to worry about any of that. We definitely are specialists and want to show our knowledge to you any way we possibly can and gain your trust and confidence that we will get the job done for you successfully. Again, I’m Kelly Cook with the KC Real Estate Group, one of :k1:’s short sale specialists. Give us a call or email us, whatever is easier for you. You can email us at info@cookandassociatesaz.com. You can call us here at our Phoenix, Arizona office at 480-442-9868 or at our Columbus, Ohio office at 614600-2028. If you would like to know the value of your home in today’s current market, please go to MyHomeValueCalculator.com and we will instantaneously email you your home’s current value. So give us a call or email us today. We would love to hear from you soon. Thanks and have a great day.