What Makes A Good Short Sale Agent?

Hello this is Kelly Cook with the Cook & Associates Real Estate Advisors, part of The Real Brokerage in :k1:. We specialize in helping homeowners find alternatives to foreclosure through the means of a short sale. We can be found online at www.azkcrealestategroup.com.

One of the questions we get all the time is, “What determines who is a good short sale agent?” That’s a very good question because there are a lot of realtors out there claiming they are short sale experts when they probably are not. They may be saying that just to get business; it’s a very valid question. Here’s how we answer the question: experience.

What does experience look like in the short sale industry? It doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to have completed 800 short sales; I don’t know what that magic number is, but I do know that experience comes from being in the trenches and experiencing what the lenders and investors are doing when they do or do not approve a short sale. There are so many different aspects of a short sale that you can only find out about them from experience. It’s only after having worked GSE’s, loan types and structures, only then do you really know the tendencies that banks have so you know how to deal with a situation before you start the process. All this is going to do is help the client out. We have this kind of experience; we’ve closed over 260 short sales and we’d love to put the knowledge and experience that we have ascertained over the years to work for you.

Another way to tell if your short sale agent is legitimate is by their success rate; we are at about a 98% success rate on our short sales. The national average is about 40%, so we’re very proud of our success rate and we don’t take no for an answer; we’ll fight for our client and their best interest.

We’d love to talk to you more about that and build upon the two main principles that determine a good short sale agent. Please give us a call at 480-442-9868, email us at info@cookandassociatesaz.com, visit our website or check out our Short Sale calculator.