What You Should Know About Living in Phoenix, Arizona

Consider these important factors before moving to Phoenix, Arizona.


One of the main reasons people keep moving to and living in the Greater Phoenix Area is that Phoenix, Arizona, is one of the greatest places to live. The question is, though: is moving to Phoenix a wise choice in light of inflation, rising costs, and the current housing landscape? Here are some things you should be aware of if you’re considering moving to Phoenix. 


Feel free to watch the full video or use the timestamps provided to get to specific topics at your convenience:

0:00 — Introduction: Can I afford to live in Phoenix, Arizona?

1:42 — Housing and rental cost

2:25 — Median income, employment, and sales price

4:53 — Basic utility costs

5:44 — Pool and landscaping maintenance

11:24 — Cost of living

11:27 — Food and groceries

12:45 — Public and private transportation and gas prices

13:50 — Quality and cost of healthcare and healthcare systems

15:12 — Different tax rates

17:06 — Wrapping up


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